Hervé recalls the first time he and Diane visited the Prieuré de Cénac: "We both stood quite still and were both struck by its beauty and overwhelmed with an incredibly good and peaceful feeling."

The terroir of the Cause is by far the most mystical of all the vineyards in Cahors. For thousands of years, men have found a point of equilibrium between heaven and earth. Not far away in a clearing surrounded by forest stands in silent a prehistoric megalith. The steeple of the village is on the horizon and in the middle, stands the Prieuré which is testament to the sacred spirit of this clearing in the vineyard.

Since their first encounter with the Pieuré, Hervé and Diane have discovered a terroir with amazing potential which has been deemed exceptional by all the winegrowers of Cahors.

Built on the limestone headland which dates from the Jurassic period, the Prieuré de Cénac dominates both the valley and hills of the Cause. Here the land rises to nearly 300 metres above sea level. Although this is not high for Hervé as a winemaker from the Andes, he was immediately impressed by the quality and diversity of the soils.

He noticed that the calcareous base, the main characteristic of the Cause and not so typical in Argentina, is covered with clay that is very rich in iron and manganese. The walls and facades of the Prieuré itself reveal the richness of this incredible and fascinating terroir.