When Miguel Mateu acquired the Castle of Perelada in 1923, one of his hopes was to revive a wine-making tradition that traces it genesis back to the fourteenth century, when the Carmelite monks produced wine for the whole region. This is documented by works to be found in the castle’s library. More than eighty years later, Castillo Perelada has become one of the leading wine producers in Spain and has led the Empordà, the oldest wine-producing region in Spain, in its spectacular revival.
The Empordà is a small area where there is a variety of soils found in few other places in the world. Slate slopes, Sandy valleys, fluvial sediment, clay-silt, gravel soils… Lands that have borne witness to how different civilizations cultivated the art of wine. The heterogeneity of the land on which the vines grow allows Perelada to obtain grapes with a wide range of nuances.